About Us

Adrenaline Sports Marketing (ASM)

Our agency name- Adrenaline Sports Marketing- was a natural choice when naming our business in 1996. Our desire and our need, really, to be active people in active settings drives us forward in life and in business. We do what we sell, and we sell what we do! ASM has 2 full-time ‘on the road’ primary sales reps covering the Southeastern US, (NC, SC, GA, TN, MS, VA, WV, MD, AL, FL) along with 3 supplemental reps who focus on key markets in our territory. Our specialties and strengths are based in service, sales, support/training and growth of the casual/leisure/outdoor footwear market; the technical/outdoor/alpine/running footwear market; and the pedorthic/medical retail/military provisional/university footwear markets. Between our 2 primary reps, ASM possess almost 50yrs of combined outdoor retail and wholesale representative experience from which to draw upon, and we apply this knowledge daily in our mission to grow our brands, satisfy and exceed the needs of our dealer networks, and lead examined, meaningful and compassionate lives for the greater good of our families, friends and business associates.

Our Team

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Our Ethos

Adrenaline Sports Marketing has been involved within the outdoor products and general sporting goods industries on the wholesale level since 1992 and we enjoy the challenges of bringing both new and established products and brands to market, while making a great living for ourselves and our families. We love our lives and live them actively by getting out there and ‘makin’ it happen’! Most of the sports we like are not necessarily ‘team’ sports, although we think of ourselves as reliable and ‘go-to’ type team players in our lives and businesses. We believe strongly in the ‘inner rewards’- the rewards you recognize and appreciate ‘in-the-moment’ as you reach a new plateau or come to understand something you had not, before then. For some of us it could be paddling, surfing or boarding; for others it could be galloping, racing or summiting, but for all of us it means being in balance with yourself and your natural surroundings.

We are passionate about each brand we represent, and integrity, truthfulness, honesty, fairness and “doing right” by our business partners and our vendor relationships are fundamental and integral values that we live by each day. We strive to team up with vendors who believe in and share our ethos, and who manufacture top-notch product, deliver premium customer service, and cutting-edge, innovative ways of doing business in today’s rapidly evolving marketplaces. ASM’s official company objective is to market, pioneer, sell and service products of independent, non-competing manufacturers, in the capacity of Independent Sales Representatives, to all viable markets within the southeastern states of the U.S. Principle channels of distribution of our product lines are Lifestyle and Outdoor Specialty Stores, Athletic Footwear (both chain and specialty), Lifestyle and Casual Footwear, Surf/Skate/Snowboarding Shops, General Sporting Goods, Bike Specialty, Resort/Rental/Demo, and Internet-based boutiques and Premium MSRP websites, and where appropriate, Premium-Value Department Stores. We do not pursue promotionally-driven and/or discount-based operations, as we believe smart, steady brand building is the best way to complement the product and brand cycles in our business.

Our ‘core competency’ is in targeting, marketing, selling, educating and evaluating stores who provide a level of specialty service not centered on ‘size’, but rather on the retailer-to-consumer experience. We pride ourselves on offering our customers extensive ‘in-the-trenches’ experiences to draw on, in order to achieve the most profitable and compelling brand stories within a focused assortment. Today’s retailers and ‘e-tailers’ must constitute their assortments based on feature sets, materials and color stories which are broader than ever before. Our expertise is in building relationships that transcend the retail buying cycles, and truly are tied to the authenticity and passion that we feel for each brand as believers and users. We’re very proud of these relationships- they have nourished our lives beyond business, and will continue to sustain us with inspiration and direction for years to come…